About Us

onlineinviter.com is an application which helps you to invite friends and family on birthday, wedding, engagement, and other parties. You can create online invitation images that you can use for invitations.

This onlineinviter application offers your free templates for editing online invitations cards and images.

You can use these invitations for your birthday, wedding, engagement, and other parties. I made this free platform to help you so that you can invite your friends and relatives to your celebration parties.

You can add Place, Name, Date, Pictures, and Time. This is the digital world where you can send your invitation electronically.

You can share it on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or send it on any email address. You can use this to post on your blog.

So make the best of use this website and give a heart touching feelings to your beloved ones. For more information about this website please contact us.